Horse Riding

Horse riding and Polo

Horses have always played an important role in Argentina. They are key player to the gaucho culture and folklore and they are still very much part of daily life throughout the country. Riding holidays in Argentina can suit all levels - from seasoned riders to novices, there are plenty of great experiences to enjoy on horseback! Some are residential - guests staying on an Estancia or farm and riding out every day - while others go on a journey, staying somewhere different every night. Horse riding is available across the entire country. The plain lands of the pampas and the higher lands in Cordoba are the most popular spots to enjoy the activity. The Lake District in Patagonia also offers incredible riding opportunities. Outings across the country are always led by experienced guides and gauchos and trusted criollo horses (Argentine ponies). Saddles are typically topped with a sheep skin for better comfort.

Polo has made Argentina well known for its 10-goal players and fabulous horses. Thoroughbred horses in Argentina have their big championship towards the end of every year and even Pato, the national sport, is played on horseback. We can recommend estancias where you can try your hand at polo.

I stayed at Estancia Los Potreros and had a wonderful time.