Whale watching

Whale watching in Argentina

Whale watching season in Patagonia extends from July to December, typically, with the best chances of success during September and October. You cannot miss this wonderful show that takes place every year. The towns of Puerto Madryn, Trelew, Rawson and the little village of Puerto Pirámides are the entrance to the extraordinary world of the Southern Right Whale. Every year they come to the coast of Patagonia to accomplish their eternal rite of mating.

Like seals and penguins, the whales are animals of fixed habits returning to the same site year after year. The Peninsula Valdes hosts 10% of the whole world's southern right whale population for 3 to 4 months of the year. With so many of these huge mammals crowded into the peninsula's bay it is an incredible sight for visitors. From the shore you can see them but then to go out in a boat and be so close is phenomenal. We can recommend the very best places to stay to increase your chance of seeing the Whales at very close range!

The most amazing place I stayed was El Pedral Lodge and the boat trip to see the southern right whales was a huge highlight on my trip - they were only a foot away and at one point we could have lent over and touched them.