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Brazil Holidays
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Brazil is the giant of Latin America and not a country to be explored in just a couple of days. It’s much more than just Rio. It’s a country of many hidden treasures and experiences waiting to be discovered. Brazil starts in the North with the undiscovered wonders of the Amazon and the Northeast with its mix of tropical beaches and diverse culture. Then there’s the Central West and the striking contrast between Brazil’s futuristic capital - Brasília and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre - Pantanal. The South East is home to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and the historic towns of Minas Gerais that make up one of the great colonial legacies of a country full of artistic and architectural masterpieces. The South is a sub-tropical region that’s responsible for Brazil’s fine wines, outstanding beef, and one of the world’s great natural wonders – the waterfalls at Foz do Iguaçu..

Exotic Landscape

Some think of Brazil as the country of Carnivals, Football and Beaches. While this is true, it is also home to much more. Scenes sure to amaze the most demanding tourists.

The "marvelous city," of Rio is a must, but tourists should also consider other exotic locations such as Manaus, Salvador, Brasilia, Ouro Preto. It’s also hard to define Brazil’s cultural heritage purely because it’s a mixture of races, sounds, flavours, colours, unique folklore and festivities.

Brazil offers something for everyone - mountains, fields, rivers, waterfalls, dunes, wetlands, caves, wild forests, tropical jungle, spectacular beaches and eco resorts. If your interest is in fauna and flora, Brazil has a very generous helping of colourful and diversified natural areas which can be explored on walks, on horseback, boat trips or diving.

Unique Wildlife

Brazil is arguably the most biologically rich country in the world. It boasts a variety of natural wonders and ecological zones providing home to an awe-inspiring assortment of wildlife, including around 1,800 bird species.

To put it into context, Brazil is considered home to the greatest number of mammal species in the world. The number of fish species found in the Amazon (the largest tropical forest and most pristine wild place on the planet) exceeds that of the entire Atlantic Ocean. A single lake in Brazil can sustain a greater variety of fish than all of Europe’s rivers combined. The Pantanal is the world’s largest freshwater wetland.

Brazil's landscape provides habitat and shelter for nature’s most divers wildlife such as: Jaguars, Caimans, Anacondas, Red-faced White Uakari monkeys, New World and Muriqui monkeys, Pirarucus, Giant Otters, and Giant Anteaters.

Tropical Climate

90% of Brazil is within the tropics. Rio, Recife, Natal, Fortaleza and Salvador on the coast have the warmest climate that is balanced by the Trade Winds. Rio, for example, has an average temperature of around 26°C (80°F) that climbs into the high 30s-low 40s (over 100°F) during the summer months.

Plateau cities such as São Paulo, Brasília and Belo Horizonte have milder climates averaging 19°C (66°F). In southern Brazil the climate is similar to parts of Europe, with frosts occurring in the winter months (July-August).

Summers are hot. In Brazil the seasons are the reverse of those in the UK so summer runs from 22 December to 21 March.

Getting About

Airlines offering direct, nonstop flights to Brazil are British Airways and TAM Airlines. Other European carriers offering connecting flights to Brazil from the UK include Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, Iberia, KLM, LAN, Lufthansa, Swiss and TAP Portugal.

Brazil’s main international gateways and domestic hubs are the international airports in São Paulo (Guarulhos – GRU) and Rio de Janeiro (Galeão – GIG). São Paulo and Rio also have smaller airports closer to the city centres that are used for the air-shuttle between the two cities and a number of other short haul regional services. They are Congonhas (CGH) in São Paulo and Santos Dumont (SDU) in Rio.

Because of it’s size, the most effective way of getting around in Brazil is by air. The main national carriers include Azul, Gol and TAM Airlines. We will arrange your domestic flights and private transfers as required.

Brazil is a huge country, full of diversity with something for everyone. There are the historical & colonial areas, abundant wildlife, the Amazon, the tropical Iguazu Falls, stunning scenery, beautiful beaches & not forgetting the cities - including the not to be missed visit to Rio de Janeiro.