Bird watching in Costa Rica

Turtle & Bird watching

Tortuguero is loosely translated as "place of turtles" and is an important area for sea turtle migration and nesting. Green turtles, giant leatherback, hawksbill, and loggerhead turtles all nest here. The park protects a vital nesting ground for green sea turtles, which find their way onto the brown-sand beaches every year June-October (the greatest numbers arrive in September). Mid-February through July, giant leatherback turtles also arrive to lay their eggs (with greatest frequency April-May), followed, in July, by female hawksbill turtles. Tortuguero is the most important green-turtle hatchery in the western Caribbean.

Birding in Costa Rica is an extraordinary experience. With over 850 species recorded to date this small country offers great bird watching opportunities within relatively short distances. They can be found in very diverse habitats in the six ornithologist regions of the country, from sea level to high mountains. The biggest attractions have to be the Resplendent Quetzals, the Scarlet Macaws and beautiful Hummingbirds.

To watch the giant turtles come onto Tortuguero beach to lay hundreds of eggs is an amazing sight.