Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing

Where better to learn Salsa than in Cuba itself, the home of the dance. With colourful street music, and bars and hotels offering the activity, it is difficult not to be a part of it. Most beach hotels offer lessons of the most popular dances, including mambo and salsa. If you fancy a dance holiday in Cuba, we have qualified dance instructors in Havana. Learn Salsa in the morning and explore the city and surrounding areas in the afternoon. In the evening you can meet up with the instructors and dancers again to salsa the night away.

You can of course combine your stay in Havana with a stay at the beach or any other part of Cuba. If you are in a Salsa group we can arrange an amazing dance trip for your group in Cuba. Whether you want to learn the dance or you are an experienced dancer, we can inform you of the best places to dance with the locals.

Dancing Salsa is an exhilarating and fun way to step into the heart of Cuba.