Exploring Wildlife

The Galapagos Islands is certainly the world's greatest natural history museum and one of the most exciting places on earth for wildlife watching and photography. Renowned for the large variety of primeval reptiles, 90% are endemic to the archipelago. The sea lions are a great attraction for visitors and you are welcomed by them as soon as you arrive at the pier to get to your boat.

The attraction of bird life in the islands is not only the huge abundance of rare and interesting species (nearly 60 resident species of which 28 are endemic), but the fact that the birds are not intimidated by humans and therefore easy to get close to. There is also the wealth of over 300 species of fish, 12 species of sharks and invertebrate life in the Galapagos waters. As we know the islands we can recommend the best cruises to suit any specific interests clients may have.

It is unbelievable all the wildlife you will see - an experience impossible to properly describe in words.