Lemur Spotting

There are 51 different recognised varieties of lemur in Madagascar and depending on where you are in the country will dictate the variety of lemur that you may come across. In the Eastern National Parks of Andasibe and Perinet, you'll find the Indri - the black and white 'teddy bear' lemur. The more well known, ring tailed lemurs are generally found in the south and south-west. Ranomafana in the mid eastern region is home to Bamboo lemurs, Milne-Edwards Sifiaka and the nocturnal tiny mouse lemur.

The Aye-Aye Lemur is probably the most unusual looking of all the lemur species. Nocturnal and rarely seen, the Aye-Aye lives in the north east island of Nosy Mangabe, which was designated as a reserve for the protection of this variety. The excellent guides we use will make sure you see lemurs in their natural habitat.

On visiting the rainforests of Andasibe, you'll not only see the indri indri lemur relaxing in their family group in the trees overhead but you'll also hear them calling to each other!