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Peruvian cuisine

Peruvian cuisine is a mixture of styles and considered by experts as one of the finest and most varied in the world. Traditional Peru food includes spicy hot peppers and garlic. Peruvians have an excellent resource for their fine Peru food, since there are over 2,000 indigenous potatoes alone. Some of the basic ingredients used in a typical meal include Aji (similar to chilli peppers), Limon (local lemons), Arroz (rice), and of course potatoes.

The chefs of Lima have created a novel and audacious gastronomy based on a harmonious combination of traditional ingredients to produce surprising haute cuisine dishes. In Arequipa you can sample the traditional cuisine in the traditional picanterias. In Cusco discover ancestral ingredients used in modern dishes, examples of "Andean nouvelle cuisine". For clients wishing to learn how to cook Peruvian style we can include this within your trip.

The potato soup is my absolute favourite and the avocados so tasty.