Spirituality in Peru

Visit Cusco and Machu Picchu if you want to experience the spiritual traditions of ancient Peru. Known in Inca times as the 'navel of the world', Cusco is considered one of the world's major centres of cosmic energy. Chiclayo, known for its powerful shamans and faith healers has for decades been a sort of Mecca for those seeking mysticism and healing. And for those interested in the power of magic plants, those who practice the ancient wisdom of the indigenous communities of the central jungle are to be found in Pucallpa.

Travellers in search of a spiritual experience know why Peru is today considered one of the planet's most important centres of energy. Those who want to deepen their experiences in workshops or seminars whilst they are in Peru can contact experts in Andean Cosmo vision, masters of Reiki, crystal therapists, shamans, readers of coca leaves and others who will be happy to share their knowledge. Each experience is unique and, therefore, these spiritual journeys are arranged to suit each traveller.

Even for those not generally spiritual, Machu Picchu does have a magical / spiritual feel about it.